90% of leadership is the ability to communicate something people want

Dianne Feinstein

Redvoice Legal

The most successful lawyers still manage to stand out a mile. The reason is simple. They are all great communicators.

We already work with top UK and international businesses. They already understand the importance of their employees being able to communicate with assured confidence. Yet with most of the legal profession, essential communication skills hardly get a mention.

This is where RedvoiceLegal comes in. The legal sector is rapidly changing and we are part of that change-helping law firms invest in their greatest asset - their fee earners. Knowing the law is no longer enough. In order to give a firm that cutting edge, we train solicitors in the art of effective communication, from taking that first phone call to pitching and tendering. How we communicate affects outcomes…and incomes.

The legal profession is rapidly splintering into the haves and have-nots. With outside competition, blanket compliance and a financial chill, that split is going to accelerate. Any firm that believes the limits of communication skills ends with an eNewsletter and Twitter will join the losers.

The unique inspirational training skills of RedvoiceLegal can help your fee earners become great communicators ensuring that your firm joins the winners.

"Good structure and very well presented.  Some very useful tips which I have not been taught before.  Challenging (in terms of being interactive) which is very unusual for a course. I will definitely recommend you.
Phil Parkinson, Ison Harrison Solicitors

“I liked being taken out of my normal comfort zone. I was inspired to put what I learnt into practice”
Ann Robinson Blacks Solicitors

“Exceeded my expectations and have learnt a lot which is very useful and will help my career immensely”
Charlotte Capes Blacks Solicitors



We also offer one-to-one and half day sessions which carry 3 CPD points and in-house training at the client's request.


To book or for information about in-house training, please contact Helen West on 07971 753919 or click here for our contact page


Redvoice courses can be run as half day or full day programmes for any number of delegates from 1-2-1 to large groups. Please call 07504 764 434 for more information about the Redvoice programme.