To speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks

Ben Jonson

Public Speaking Training

If you are speaking at a conference or event, no doubt time and effort have been given to ensure the right venue, create the right agenda and even source the right AV provider.  While companies invest huge amounts of money bringing staff together to share information and communicate strategies, how much thought is ever actually given to the impact made by their speakers?

Good Public Speaking holds the key to a successful event.

Redvoice Public Speaking training covers all areas of confident verbal and non-verbal delivery, dealing with nerves and effective use of PowerPoint. We will guarantee that your speakers motivate their audience and deliver the message with clarity and impact.

Public Speaking Training can be delivered prior to the conference and/or on the day itself.

If required, Redvoice can also offer autocue training and co-ordinate conference staging.




Redvoice courses can be run as half day or full day programmes for any number of delegates from 1-2-1 to large groups. Please call 07504 764 434 for more information about the Redvoice programme.