Communication works for those who work it

John Powell

Interview Training

Training the Interviewer

Interviewing prospective new clients or a short list of individuals all vying for the same senior position is an onerous task. The interviewer is responsible for finding out as much as possible about the candidate and accessing a way to get behind the mask. This Course explores all areas of interview technique including: how to prepare, how to begin, when to probe, how to listen, how to challenge and how to create a bespoke series of questions for each unique occasion.

Training the Interviewee 

With so many people all applying for a limited number of jobs, how do you make an impact, stand out from the crowd and communicate all your knowledge and strengths in an interview. This course looks at how we communicate under pressure, the conscious and subconscious signals we give out and how to re-route them. It also deals with nerves, structure of interviews and how to respond to difficult questions we are not expecting.

See Interview Coach Fiona Lindsay


Redvoice courses can be run as half day or full day programmes for any number of delegates from 1-2-1 to large groups. Please call 07504 764 434 for more information about the Redvoice programme.