I don’t start with a design objective, I start with a communication objective

Mike Davidson

Creative Thinking Workshop

Unlock a world of creativity and get some colour into your grey matter!

The Redvoice Creative Thinking Workshop is “out of the box”, “out of the ordinary” and “out of control!” During a truly memorable workshop, delegates are set a series of challenges, ranging from lateral thinking puzzles and stories, to building challenges with raw eggs and clothes pegs!

All the puzzles and challenges are fun, some more infuriating than others, but all have a “Lateral Thinking Element” to them; the overriding impact is one of team-building, learning and competitive mayhem, with a genuine management training aspect.

We can also provide a longer version in which teams are given a genuine problem to solve, relating to their business. Having flexed their lateral thinking muscles, they are asked to present a creative solution to this relevant business issue.

See Creative Thinking Coach Clive Panto


Redvoice courses can be run as half day or full day programmes for any number of delegates from 1-2-1 to large groups. Please call 07504 764 434 for more information about the Redvoice programme.